Part 1: The Speed Rope

The first and easiest step, is getting an appropriate speed rope. Of course, Chris Spealler can use an old school jelly rope that is sized for a six-footer and he will be able to crank out double unders no problem, but we are not Chris Spealler. No worries though, because once you hone your craft through consistency and repetition, you too will be able to successfully jump with any rope. We just aren’t quite there yet.


Since consistency plays such a large role in our ability to successfully learn new skills, we tell everyone that using the same speed rope every single time is the single biggest and easiest correction one can make if they are struggling to make progress in their jumping skills. There are several quality makers of speed ropes out there, but obviously we prefer the  Revletics speed rope because it is custom made for your height, adjustable as your technique changes, extremely lightweight, incredibly smooth, durable and did I mention carbon fiber is sexy as hell. When you are evaluating speed ropes, a few key things to look for are:


• Is the cable adjustable for your height?

• Is the cable replaceable?

• Are different cable weights available?

• Are different handle lengths available?

• What is the build quality? Are the materials high quality or cheap plastic?


With these questions in hand, go out and get yourself a decent speed rope for our future lessons. If you are interested in learning more about the custom-made carbon fiber  Revletics speed rope, you can check them out at here.