runner-stairs.jpgStarting to do some form of exercise is certainly better than nothing. Many people who haven’t worked out in a very long time, if at all are often intimidated by the thought of going to a gym, starting CrossFit, or running a race. They often feel everyone else is better and there is no way they will ever be able to get to that level. I’ve got news for you - many of those people were once in your position. You’re never going to get anywhere if you don’t start something. When I first started CrossFit, I felt pretty intimidated because I had never done anything like that before, heck, I had never belonged to or set foot in any gym before – I was more of a running and workout at home type of guy.


Below are a few tips to get you more comfortable and moving in the right direction.


• Get with a Group – I’ve found that working out with others pushes me more, offers support, and is actually more enjoyable. It’s a lot easier to slack-off when you’re by yourself. So, whatever your interest, find a group or join a class. If running is what you want to do, find a running group that fits your goals – it doesn’t have to be big or formal, it could just be a group of people from your neighborhood. If you’re interested in trying CrossFit, start with a beginner class (most gyms/boxes offer them).


• Accountability – We discussed accountability in a recent blog post here. It’s pretty straight forward really, set some realistic goals and map out a plan to achieve them. 


• You Can Always Change – Don’t be afraid to try a new activity if you have an interest. If a boot camp interests you, give it a try. If it turns out it’s not for you, that’s okay, try something else until you find something enjoyable.


• Food Matters – Just because you start working out more doesn’t give you a ticket eat more or have “treats” because you feel you did more than normal. Um, that’s the point of starting to workout so you start to look and feel better. What you put into your body is even more important than your workout routine.


The holiday season is rapidly approaching (how did that happen?) and it’s easy to be like so many people and say “I’ll start after the holidays.” No, start now. Why wait? Now put down that Halloween candy and get moving! :)