Custom Speed Rope with Carbon Fiber Handles

Made from light, aerospace grade parts for ultra smooth performance, our speed rope is one of the smoothest and lightest available. The best speed rope on the market, for athletes of all skill levels, from beginners to games-level.

• Carbon Fiber Handles provide ultra light weight and less arm/shoulder fatigue
• Outdoor Use Cable
• Lifetime Warranty 

SKU: G2100
Estimated Shipping Date: On or Before Feb 21

Production Time: 1-3 business days


Avoid the tangled mess when you want to use your speed rope. Our flex tie is the perfect accessory for holding your Revletics speed rope when not in use.

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• Carbon Fiber Handles provide ultra light weight and less fatigue
• Aircraft Aluminum Spinner for light, super smooth movement
• Outdoor Specially Coated Nylon 6/6 with Galvanized Steel Interior Cable available in a thin 3/32" and a slightly wider 1/8" (no cheap PVC coated cable here, so go ahead and use it outside)

• 3/32" cable is designed for advanced athletes and the ultimate in speed & weight; indoor use recommended
• 1/8" cable is designed for outdoor use and beginners who require more feel of the rope motion

Ultra Light Weight for lightening speed and less fatigue
Adjustable Length for the perfect fit
Replaceable Cable for changing cable sizes and colors

We know you're going to love it as much as we do. Give it a try, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.


A speed rope provides a great addition to any workout - plus, it's highly portable. Mix-up your workout by doing double unders, triple unders, side-to-side, one foot jumps, high knees, criss-cross feet, and more. 

Made in the USA. Patent Pending.

We designed the Revletics speed rope to be very durable. The cable won't last forever though and use on abrasive surfaces such as concrete and asphalt will shorten its life, but it's life will be substantially longer than PVC/plastic coated cables.

Gym packages of 10 and 20 ropes are also available.